Saturday, November 5, 2011

Ottawa - Draperies Should Match Your Lifestyle

by: Donna Robichaud

In the last 20 years I have had the honour of visiting many homes in my career of custom draperies and design.
One of the most frequently asked questions is, “What do you think?”. 
My first visit to a client’s home is to allow both myself and the client to get to know each other.  This gives me a chance to ask all the questions that usually don’t come to mind, such as light, function, purpose and daily routine.  If you use a sliding door to go in and out frequently you might not want to use silk fabric.  This does not mean you can’t achieve the same look.  There are plenty of faux silk fabrics that will look just as wonderful as silk.
In the first meeting I like to hear the homeowner’s ideas and wishes and do my best to make them work.  If I truly feel that their ideas will not work in a certain room I do my best to come up with an alternative idea. 
Drapery is a decorative accessory that can make or break a look.  Never underestimate the power of beautiful fabric such as the sheen of taffeta or silk or the contemporary look of linens.  If all you want to do is frame the window with a neutral colour you can still use luxurious or woven fabrics to add to your decor. 
Linings are also a necessary addition to the look of your drapery.  Some of the most beautiful fabrics are very light weight.  In order for them to hang nicely you will require a good lining.  Light entering the room is another consideration.  Sunlight can fade fabric quickly and cause the fabric to break down.  Your fabrics will last years longer if they are lined with the appropriate lining.   In most cases you will tire of the drapery before it is worn out. 
Drapery rods come in many styles and colours along with decorative rings and finials.  When you are choosing your rods it is always a good idea to choose a wood or metal colour that is already in the room. 
After all is said and done fabric comes in many colours and designs and there is always one that will work for you!

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